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Seem like I got tagged! :bow: All thanks to :iconvanghast:

So, here it is:

Skyrim Meme by *OneLastAuthor

The guidelines are easy.
1. Pick one Dragonborn character you have (It can be your favourite Dragonborn, your newest one or the one you had one of the weirdest playthrough with, but just one ;) )
2. Answer a couple of questions, you can add some questions afterwards.
3. Pick (or not) two or three people and tag them.

Tell us a little bit about your Dragonborn. Who they are, what race they are, you know, the basic stuff.
My Dragonborn is a breton mage called Brianna and she came to Skyrim to attent to the Winterhold College of magic. Her family consists of merchants, who lived for generations in Cyrodiil. Since the cyrodiilian education for mages is more or less a political issue these days, she hoped to be able to study more focused on the important things. Also, she especially hoped to learn from Faralda and Tolfdir, since she heard of them even beyond the borders of Skyrim. She got into trouble at an inn near the border due to a stupid misunderstanding with the landlord.
In combat she mainly uses destruction and alteration spells, but she is also able to handle illusion and conjuration, though not on the same level. If she runs out of mana, she uses two daggers.  

What type of person are they? Will they help the helpless, or will they stab someone in the back after getting paid?
Brianna's greatest interest is knowledge and the mastery of magic. She is also a devoted apprentice of Faralda, the Archmage and Tolfdir. Though she is so focused on magic, she knows that money helps to achieve one's goals faster.For that, she is willing to get jobs done for others, as long as no murder is involved. Should these jobs content interesting daedra artefacts or items with a magical meaningful background she can do research on, it's even better.

Where does your Dragonborn live? Have they got a nice little house in Whiterun, or the ridiculously expensive manor in Solitude?
She usually stays in College, but if a job or an order of her superiors call her elsewhere, she bought the Breezehome in Whiterun. That's far more in the center of action and it has better merchants around. Plus, it's near the Companions.  

Does your Dragonborn make their own equipment (weapons/armour/potions/enchantments) or are they utterly lazy and keep looting everything they use?
We have a case of laziness here, I'm afraid. No body and no chest is safe.

Did your Dragonborn get married and who was the lucky person? And how did they find married life?
Brianna joined the Companions to get to some money and there she met Vilkas. Razor-sharp mind in such a fierce warrior. Who could resist?

Do you have any favourite Shouts? And any favourite moments using a Shout?
Fire breath and Aura Whisper. They are wonderful in the beginning when the spells are not as powerful yet. Once, i accidentally set my horse on fire with the first one. And due to some bug it didn't stop (Thanks god that i use a mod that makes horses invulnerable.). But this let to me riding on a horse on flames through Skyrim... Why not?

It happened to us all, the Dragonborn got an early ticket to Sovengarde. So whats the dumbest way you got yours killed?
she fell off a cliff when I was too busy looking in the nightsky in 1st person view... :facepalm:

Almost done. Did you join any groups? Or did you just run around doing your own thing?
Mage College and Companions.

Imperial or Stormcloaks? Your thoughts?
It's the choice between pest and cholera. On the one hand, the Imperials are taking away the nordic habits and beliefs and that is just wrong. On top of that they bow to the Thalmor and never say a word. On the other hand, the Stormcloaks are xenophobic and too busy to be proud of themselves and boasting about their heritage that they hardly can be reasonable.

Time for the tags.
I tag everyone who loves Skyrim! You there, feel tagged!
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